Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Friday, September 22, 2017

Why church?

Our lives are busy. Our kids' lives are busy.
How are we supposed to find time for peace? Or church?
It didn't used to be like this.  Going to church was just as expected as going to school or work.
No matter how overbooked our lives are, we still long to be with and to be loved by others. We want to learn more about our God in community, with people we love and count on. That's where church comes in. 
It can change your life.  Just come and see. 
April 22/23 Share Doubt
  John 20:19-31
  Pastor Josh Beaty
April 29/30 Share Experience
Luke 24:13-35
  Pastor Brett Opalinski
May 6/7 Share Life
  Acts 2:42-47
  Pastor Brett Opalinski
May 13/14 Share Trust
  John 14:1-14
  Pastor Brett Opalinski
 May 20/21 Share Good News
  Acts 17:22-31
  Pastors Brett Opalinski
 May 27/28 Share Purpose
  Acts 1:6-14
  Pastor Josh Beaty
 June 3/4 Share Spirit
  Acts 2:1-21
  Pastor Brett Opalinski