Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One Church | One Worship

sunday | august 6
10am | fort lauderdale sanctuary 
The next One Church | One Worship Sunday will be August 6. Worship will include a mix of praise and traditional music and Holy Communion.
After the worship service in the Fort Lauderdale Sanctuary, everyone is invited to the gym for a potluck lunch.
Please bring dishes to share based on the first letter of your last name:
A-G desserts
H-P main dishes
Q-Z side dishes
Dishes can be brought to the kitchen before worship and placed in the refrigerator or warming ovens. Please bring food in disposable dishes that can be placed in warming ovens if necessary. There will also be a place to plug in crockpots.
Don't worry about being late to serve at the Love in Action Pompano Beach shared meal. Our guests will be brought by bus to the Fort Lauderdale Campus to join us for worship and lunch. The first bus will leave the Pompano Beach Campus at 9am and return about 12noon.
Summer’s a great time to come together with your whole church family for one worship service and a potluck.
Why come together?
The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the community, to their shared meals, and to their prayers. -- Acts 2:42
With six services on two campuses over two days each weekend, it's hard to stay in touch with all of your church family. During the Ezekiel meetings, many people mentioned that they enjoyed worshiping and eating together. So this summer, we'll have several opportunities to do so.
Volunteers will be needed to set up, host and clean up for the potluck. Specifically needed are:
9am - Setup - 2-3 people
Put out the table decorations and paper products
Bring out the drink containers
Label the tables for Main Dish, Sides, and Dessert
Set up a place for crockpots in the fellowship hall

9:30am - Food Collection - 2-3 people

Receive food in the kitchen
Label food
Place hot food is put in warmer, cold in the refrigerator, crockpots go in FH 1
10:50 (Immediately after communion) - Food Setup - 5-10 people
Bring food to the gym
Fill drink dispensers

Host during Potluck- 4 people
Monitor the various tables - One each for main course (plates and napkins), sides, desserts, and drinks

Following Potluck - 5-10 for cleanup; 3 for dish team
12pm - Leftovers plates are brought out and offered.
Congregation is encouraged to take their dishes
Remaining food and dishes are brought to kitchen - clean up team
Drink containers and utensils are brought to kitchen to be washed - dish team
Sign up at the Connect Table or call the church office, 954.771.7300, if you can serve on August 6.
Don't miss this opportunity to  worship and have fun with all of your Christ Church family.