Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, November 18, 2017


Starting June 1, 2107, Christ Church is governed by an elected 12-member church council and the three pastors, Brett Opalinksi, Josh Beaty and Monique McBride.
The new Council will make its first report to the Christ Church community on Sunday, August 20, at 4pm in the Fort Lauderdale Sanctuary. At the same time, the council will ask members present to vote on the sale of the Pompano Beach parsonage. Everyone in the Christ Church community is welcome to attend this meeting.
The following members make up the Christ Church Council:
Yvonne Womack—Lay Leader/Chair (Class 2018)  Yvonne and her husband, Dick, have been attending Christ Church since 2003. They worship at the 6:00 p.m. Saturday service. Yvonne serves as a small group leader, on the Strategic Leadership Team, and as the Team Leader for Love in Action Pompano Beach.  She previously led the Blessings Food Pantry (8 years), co-led Serve.Everybody. and served on the WHY Team.  Yvonne sees her role as helping our church grow through making disciples for Christ and in service to our community.
Melissa Dore—Administrator (Class 2019) Melissa has been a member of Christ Church for over 10 years. She is currently in her third year on the Trustees and serves as head usher for the 11 a.m. service.  Melissa has served on various teams, including Easter breakfast, Serve.Everybody, Thanksgiving outreach and Habitat for Humanity.  Melissa believes that making a united church both strengthens our bond with Christ and unifies us as a whole.  She looks forward to resolution of conflict and listening to God for his continued guidance.
Tom Wilkinson—Assistant Lay Leader (Class 2020)  Tom and his wife, Gail, have been members of Christ Church for more than 10 years, interrupted by relocations to Palm Beach County and India.  Tom participates in a small group at Christ Church as well as Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and Kairos.  He previously led a home Bible Study Group and served on the Christ Church Finance Committee. At work, Tom leads a department of 42 people around the world. He recognizes Christ Church as a wonderful faithful church and is honored to serve.
Louise Bodozian—Trustees (Class 2018).  Louise has been a member of Christ Church since 2002.  She attends Walk Through the Bible and currently serves as a team leader for Alpha, leads the Thursday night Bible Study on the Pompano Campus, serves on the Sunday meal team in Pompano, and is in the second year of her term on the Trustees Committee.  Louise feels that serving has opened a whole new avenue in her faith walk and is looking forward to serving on the Church Council.
Mark Burton—Trustees (Class 2019)  Mark and his wife, Pat, joined Christ Church in 1995 after attending for several years. Mark is an attorney whose practice includes premises liability defense.  Mark is currently leading a home Bible Study Group with his wife. Mark previously served on the Staff Parish Relations Committee, the Destiny Team, Dick Will’s Barnabas Group, Carry Out for Kids, and the boards of The Shepherd’s Way, Hope South Florida, and God’s Little Lambs.   Mark has the spiritual gifts of discernment, leadership, and visioning and feels that God can use those gifts to help guide Christ Church into the future. He feels called to keep our focus on the cross.
Mark Wright—Trustees (Class 2020)  Mark and his wife, Bev, joined Christ Church 3 years ago. They attend the 9:30 service. Mark has attended Alpha, is a member of a men’s small group, and sings in the men’s choir.  His children attend Christ Church School.  Mark surrendered his life to Christ 14 years ago.  He feels called to serve on the Church Council and feels that his experience as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of a 600-employee international company and his passion for Christ make this service a natural fit.
Joe Luzinski—Finance (Class 2018)  Joe and his wife, Martha, have been members of Christ Church for 20 years.  He and Martha attend the different worship services at Christ Church. Joe currently serves in leadership in BSF. Joe currently serves as a parking lot greeter, chair of the Staff Parish Committee, on the Strategic Leadership Team, and member of the Budget Committee. Joe feels called to serve on the Church Council and brings practical business, accounting, administration and operational skills to the Council. He is comfortable thinking strategically and working behind the scenes.
Susan Spragg—Finance (Class 2019)  Susan has been a member of Christ Church for 8 years. She attends the 9:30 service.  Susan is a corporate controller for a commercial real estate company.  She leads an Emmaus reunion group and participates in a Wesley Fellowship Group.  She has also led a project for Serve.Everybody. and has taught several Financial Peace University classes. She has completed her first year on the Finance and the Budget Committees. Susan looks forward to continuing to give her time, effort, and expertise to being a faithful financial leader on the Church Council.
Stacy Ziegler—Finance (Class 2020).  Stacy has been a member of Christ Church since 2010.  She holds a masters degree in accounting and works as a CPA for a $4 billion dollar company.  She attends the 9:40 praise service and serves in Women’s Ministry and the Sunday shared meal. She previously served on a search committee for a new worship leader.  Stacy feels called to be more involved in the church and wants to be part of making decisions and helping the church grow.
Kathy Skipper—Staff Parish (Class 2018).  Kathy and her husband, Joe, have been members of Christ Church since 2006.  They attend the traditional services in Pompano and Fort Lauderdale.  Kathy works in public relations for Food for the Poor and is currently serving as co-chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.  Kathy also served at the Blessings Food Pantry and Love in Action. Kathy feels that this is a time of great change and growth for Christ Church.  Her only desire is to serve and she believes that her work in the corporate world and in a Christian charity have developed skills useful for strategizing and executing as part of the leadership team.
Brian McComb—Staff Parish (Class 2019).  Brian has been a member of Christ Church since 2014 (and also 2001-2003).  He sings in the Chancel Choir and Celebration Singers and serves as the leader of a small group.  At previous churches, Brian served on various committees such as Music and Worship, Stewardship, and Staff Parish.  Brian puts everything in life in the hands of Christ and through prayer he constantly asks God to give him direction and strength to serve His will.  He believes that God is directing him to serve on the Church Council to help see that His will is fulfilled through Christ Church.
Jeff Becker—Staff Parish (Class 2020). Jeff and his wife Mary joined Christ Church in 2016. They attend the praise service.  Jeff belongs to a Thursday Wesley Group. At his church in Illinois, he launched and taught pre-confirmation classes, a marriage group and high school youth group.  Jeff has held many other leadership roles and currently serves as an Executive Vice President responsible for Human Resources for a company in Miami.  Jeff feels called and is looking forward to serving in leadership at Christ Church.