Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Friday, April 28, 2017


Vital churches know their purpose and engage in exciting ministry, taking them outside the walls of the church into the community.
The purpose of Christ Church is to reflect the love, hope and joy of Jesus Christ to our community. The church leadership is proposing a new organizational structure that will remove barriers to fulfilling that purpose.
The Discipline of The United Methodist Church allows congregations great latitude in organizing themselves for mission and ministry. Many churches have moved to a leaner, simpler and more accountable structure that promotes clear direction, empowers leaders and places greater emphasis on ministry.
This new church leadership structure has been under discussion for more than six months, with the final version approved by the Strategic Leadership Team. 
Church leaders and Pastor Josh Beaty will be available 9-11am Sunday, April 30, in Fellowship Halls 3 and 4 to listen, discuss, and answer questions about the proposed leadership structure that will be considered at the May 2 church conference.  If you have questions or concerns about the proposed change in leadership structure, please come to this time of sharing and learning.
All church members are encouraged to attend the church conference at 6:30pm, Tuesday, May 2, in the Fort Lauderdale Sanctuary.
Click here to download the document outlining the final version of the new leadership structure.  Click here for a PDF you can read online.
If you or someone you know should be considered for a leadership position, please click here for the application form that you can print and fill out.