Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hurricane Preparedness

In preparation for hurricane season, we ask members of the Christ Church community if they would need help before or after a storm.   Or if they could offer materials or assistance.
Please fill our this form to tell us how you need help or how you can help.
Thank you.
This is a single-family home apartment condo
Home phone 
Cell phone 
Email address 
Emergency contact 
Emergency contact's phone number 
I would be willing to (check all that apply):
Help secure church property (after preparing my own home)
Help secure the property of other church family members
Transport others from evacuation zones to shelter
Help clean up after a storm
Help organize and staff the church as a neighborhood relief center after a storm
Help prepare and distribute food and supplies to areas of need within our community after a storm
Make flood buckets and/or health and food packages
Help rebuild damaged properties
My needs (check all that apply):
Transportation in the event I have to evacuate
Help secure my home because I live in another part of the country during hurricane season
Help put up my shutters because I have them but am unable to install them
I rely on electricity for medical needs
I have pets that will need shelter:
number of dogs 
number of cats
other types of pets
My assets (check all that apply)
I have a generator I would be willing to lend if I don't need it
I have a chain saw and/or other tools I would be willing to use or lend
I have sleeping bag(s) and other camping gear I could lend
Thank you for your response.