Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Friday, April 28, 2017

Helping Hands (Home Repairs)

The members of the Helping Hands team perform simple home repairs at no cost to those unable to perform those tasks for themselves. They provide services such as changing light bulbs, simple plumbing, painting, pressure cleaning, and several other types of general house repairs.
If you or someone you know in Broward County, Florida, is in need of this type of assistance, you can fill out the form below, or contact Team Leader Tony Ash by email or call the church office at 954.771.7300.


Thanks to the members of the Helping Hands Ministry for building
a bunk bed to help a young lady get her room organized!
and, a Message of Gratitude:
My husband and I are so very humbled and grateful to Mr. Tony Ash and the "Helping Hands" program. He came to our home, very professional but caring. He fixed toilet, ice maker and brought Mr. Jim to help with the microwave. I did not know there was a church who really ministered to those in need. I will be forever changed by the love and caring. Thank you so much. My husband and I plan to attend your church as soon as my husband is able to do so. Again, we will be forever changed by your love and caring. Please make sure Mr. Ash and your minister gets this message.                                                                                                                                                 Anonymous

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