Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Thursday, March 30, 2017


A new year.  Is there a better time to renew our relationship with God.

In this age when everything seems to revolve around technology, it's easy to think we can restart our relationship with God as easily as we reboot our computers. But no keystroke makes this happen -- it's prayer, Bible study and time with God -- all practices that must become second nature. The pastors of Christ Church invite you to reboot your relationship with God  In the coming weeks, they'll be talking about aspects of our lives that can grow richer when we spend more time, more energy, more of ourselves with God.

January 1 Starting Again
  Matthew 2:1-12
  Pastor Fawn Mikel
January 7/8  
  Pastor Josh Beaty
Saturday, January 15 A Knock at Midnight
  Luke 11:5-8
  Pastor Brett Opalinski
Sunday, January 16  
  Pastor Simon Osunlana of St. John's UMC
 January 21/22 Unity
  1 Corinthians 1:10-18
  Pastors Brett Opalinski
 January 28/29  
  Matthew 5:1-12
 February 4/5 Leadership
  Psalm 112:1-9
  Pastor Brett Opalinski
 February 11/12  God's Household
   1 Corinthians 3:1-9
   Pastor Brett Opalinski
 February 18/19  Discernment
   Matthew 5:38-48
   Pastor Brett Opalinski
 February 25/26  
   Pastor Josh Beaty