Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, November 18, 2017

About Us

Because of the fast-paced society that our students live in and the unbelievable pressures that they face, FREEWAY Student Ministry is passionate about providing a strong faith community that is safe, relevant, and transforming.  Through The Main Events such as Youth Group and the Breakfast Table, and annual events like our High School and Middle School Mission Trips to places like Miami, New York, Colorado, Bahamas, and more students will experience the life-changing love of Jesus through the friendships of faithful volunteers and other students.

FREEWAY Student Ministry is:

Safe - In everything we do, our student ministry team provides a safe atmosphere for students.   We have policies in place that keep students safe whether at home, on campus, or on a youth trip.  It is important to us to provide a place that is safe:  physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Relevant - We are committed to providing a ministry that is relevant to today's student.  Our Student Ministry not only ministers to students by making biblical teachings fresh and exciting, but also engages students on their own terms - using facebook, instagram, texting, and other tools to communicate and be in relationship with them. 

Transforming - We believe that Middle School and High School students are in a season of transformation. Students have many opportunities to be spiritually transformed through our weekly worship service, confirmation, outreach to the community, and missions at home and abroad.

Our Vision:

The Christ Church youth community exists to develop personal and spiritual growth, foster an environment of true worship, to have an active role in outreach to our local area, and to participate in home and foreign missions.

Our Mission: