Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Monday, February 20, 2017

The Main Events

The Main Events!
Sunday Morning Breakfast Table

+ Breakfast Table for Middle School and High School 
A Sunday morning breakfast in the Fellowship Hall before the worship service. We eat breakfast from 9:15-9:40am.
Then, from 9:40-10:40am, we sit together in the Gym Worship Service!

LinC Sunday Afternoon Bible Study

This new study for middle and high school students begins September 20th, every Sunday, from 11 am-12 pm. It will tackle relevant faith and life issues in age-appropriate ways, using God's word as the guide. Lessons are drawn from the latest music, movies, headline news, and current events. Students will meet separately in their age groups, and parents are encouraged to attend the classes provided for them (i.e. Effective Parenting, iMarriage, and more.)  

FREEWAY Sunday Nights

Every Sunday night, students get the opportunity to connect with other teenagers their age for a night of fun, worship, and group discussion!

Each Sunday we have created our calendar to focus on following our mission: "Love God, Love Others, Impact the World."

  • 1st Sunday: Outreach Night (An opportunity to bring friends for fun, food, games, movie nights, challenges, and a short message who otherwise wouldn't come to youth!)
  • 2nd Sunday: Double Service (Serve a shared meal at the Pompano Campus during the day, then continue the service state of mind at an outreach project during youth!)
  • 3rd Sunday: Salt and Light Night (Open discussion & message on social injustices going on in our world, and how to take action, worship songs will be sung as well!) 
  • 4th Sunday: BurgerFi Night (Opportunity to hang out by building fellowship and community through burgers and the beach!) 

Seasonal Ministries

+ Confirmation (January - May)
Our 6th - 12th grade students discover how to own their own faith. They learn basic Christian beliefs like Who Is God, What Is The Bible, Who Is Jesus, Who Is The Holy Spirit, etc. Activities are also incorporated into each lesson to keep it interesting and fun!

+ Middle School and High School Small Group Bible Study
Our Middle School and High School students meet for these seasonal six-week, in-depth Bible studies. Students are separated into small groups and have a chance to discuss relevant topics and ask questions. The day of the week and time varies for each six-week study.
For more information, contact Rebecca Torres 954-771-7300 x 208