Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Technical Arts

We live in a world surrounded by technology.  From iPhones to DVRs to the ability to be in contact by phone, email, and web at any time in any place, technology is vital to communicating any message.  At Christ Church, we use technology in various formats in all of our worship services and ministries. 
For ministry leaders, the Technical Arts ministry exists to serve your event in the best way possible.  It is our goal to go unnoticed as we provide the best in sound, video, and lighting to enable God’s message.  We are staffed with volunteers, and therefore in order to accommodate your needs, all requests (large or small) must be made via a tech request, turned in to a minimum of 2 weeks before your event, 4 weeks for large events (if you are unsure which yours is, it’s probably a large event!). Contact Maureen Kaelbel for more information.
If you are technically minded (Did you hook up your TV/satellite/stereo at home?  Are you the one your friends call to set up their iPods?  Do you have a love for audio/video/photography?), contact Maureen Kaelbel about volunteer opportunities in this ministry.