Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, November 18, 2017

What We Offer

+ Five inspiring worship services, each with the same biblically-based message, but different styles.  Formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, reflective or dynamic...chances are we have a service that will fit your lifestyle and personality.
+ Exciting, relevant, high-quality ministries with children and students.
+ Weekly Bible studies, small groups, interesting classes, devotional guides-- all designed to help you learn and grow.

+ Ministries for adults to connect and build friendships. We also have ministries for prayer and support during life's challenging moments.

+ Many opportunities to serve others by providing food, shelter, and hope in our community and around the world.
+ Practical training and opportunities to reach out in positive ways to those who haven't yet heard about God's love.
+ Ministry of recovery from all the addictions that get in the way of the abundant life God intends.
+ Partnership with Christ Church School and The Early Learning Center to minister to families and provide excellent education and child care.
+ and much more...